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What is Goodmark's Ettiquete policy?

We aim to provide the highest quality to our students and we work hard to ensure our drivers are ready when you are, at the most competitive rates in Cairns. To help us continue to provide the best service possible, we ask that all students adhere to our Goodmarks’ Etiquette policy.

If you are unable to attend your driving lesson, please ensure you cancel or postpone your lesson at least 8 hours prior to your lesson time, so we can allocate this time slot to another student.

What happens if I don't arrive to the lesson?

If we attend your address and you do not undertake your scheduled driving lesson, a cancellation fee of $30 will be incurred. To avoid the cancellation fee you must cancel 8 hours or before your next lesson.

Can I cancel my lesson?

We are aware that emergencies or work commitments happen but please notify us as soon as possible. If you need to cancel on the day, please be aware that unless you get a reply, your message has not been read. Our drivers are instructing all day and Facebook is not attended to until after hours, so please phone or text, along with your full name and time slot. If you have your instructor’s mobile, please notify them also.

I am a beginner, is there anything I need to know?

If you are a beginner, we advise four lessons close together so you can become confident behind the wheel and on the road and then be able to drive with a licensed driver to obtain your 100 hours.

Then when you are progressing towards your 100 hours continue with lessons to get you undertaking and understanding safe driving, working towards your Ps test. Practice is the key to being the best safe driver.

When you are booking lessons Pre Test, its advisable that we meet you in the City if from out of town area to give you the best possible outcome first go.

Do you have particular meeting places?

Cairns Central: Loading bay on North Side of lights at Shield Street and McLeod St, Cairns, outside of Cairns Central Entrance.
Cock N Bull: Grove Street North Cairns, in rear Carpark via driveway by Hotel.

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